"Andreas Krueger is an active electronics musician since 1985. The project 'Eiskalte Gaeste' (with Jens Fahlbusch) leads from synthie pop to EBM- and Industrial elements and to the first LP release. In 1992 Techno revolutionizes Andreas's creative processes by adding new expression possibilities: Dr.DNA

The EP 'Animalution' (1993, Con-Science) and the album Heliomorph' (1994, Polytox) were celebrated Dr.DNA releases, which hit the still young and emerging Techno parties at exactly the right time. Arranged by Sven Vaeth, Andreas got in touch with Harthouse and later with Virgin, this led to an amazing constant output of six 'Der Dritte Raum' albums within nine years.

Especially because of his clear confession to Techno, Andreas Krueger keeps track of the closer and wider stylistic ranges. In the past with projects like 'Plaste & Elaste' (Le Petit Prince), Perpetuum Mobile' (Confused), 'Solid State' (Synchronicity), 2002' (Casa Magnetica), 'Der Stern von Afrika' (with Marcus Carp, U.Site), the somewhat more experimantal D3R album Distanz', and with current projects like 'Interstellar Overdrive' (together with Andreas Betten, Vorsprung durch Technik)."

studio in 1994

studio in 2003