Con-Science Records

Con-Science Records existed from 1992 to 1994. The Label was part of Out-O-Space Records and was located in Goettingen, Germany. Labelmanager was Claudia Plate. The only ever relased record was the 6 track 12" 'Animalution' by Dr.DNA.

Animalution came out in september 1993. The first 500 copies came with painted covers by Sahin Ince. Sahin made that work in his loft in Wendenstr. 45c in Hamburg during summer 1993. This special edition was sold on techno parties and Dr.DNA life gigs. About 200 copies of this special edition were distributed by NTT Medien. The second edition with printed covers came out 1994. All 500 copies were distributed by EFA Medien GmbH in Hamburg.